Top 10 Best Concert Ukulele 2022 (Reviews and Tips)

In this article, I have shared Best Concert Ukulele with y’all. So if you are looking for concert ukulele then this guide is for you.

Out of all the available sizes of ukuleles, the concert size is always the most demanding size because of numerous reasons. Even if I talk about my personal preference, I always like to prefer the concert ukuleles over other types of ukuleles.

I know there are lots of people like me who like to own a concert size of ukulele but they are confused about which is the best concert ukulele right now in the market.

There are so many old and new ukulele brands available and choosing the best concert-size ukulele from the best brand is very difficult, and just to make this task easier for you, I am here to help you out.

Over the past few years, I have owned and recommended many concert ukuleles to my friends and family members. And the main purpose of this website is to help you out in learning and buying the best possible ukulele.

After owning and using so many ukuleles myself, I have decided to help everyone who wants to buy the best concert ukulele. Below I have listed some of the best concert-sized ukuleles from some best ukulele brands.

So without any further due let’s get started.

Best Concert Ukuleles

Choosing the best ukuleles is a very difficult task right, but not anymore. If you are in need of buying a concert ukulele then please have a look at the below top 10 best ukuleles of concert size. Most of the ukuleles that are listed below are budget friendly and personally tested and used by me.

Luna Tattoo Ukulele

This ukulele is for those who love traditional-looking ukuleles, Luna Tattoo is one of my favorite ukuleles because of its traditional look.

This Beautifully crafted Luna Tatto ukulele is very much similar to the OG Hawaiian ukuleles, even the tattoo design resembles traditional Hawaiian design. The tattoo doesn’t seem to be very dominating on the body, it is very subtle yet very noticeable.

The top, back, and neck of the ukulele are made up of mahogany and we all know how good mahogany ukuleles sound. This ukulele produces a very rich and warm sound. This ukulele is the perfect choice for both beginners and advanced players.

The bronze strings are also very comfortable to play, even if you keep playing the ukulele continuously for a couple of hours, you will not feel much pain in your fingers.

The ukulele stays in tune even after a long day playing, however, in the starting you need to tune the ukulele a lot but that’s the case with almost all ukuleles. The open gear tuners are very easy to use and tune the ukulele.

The only accessory that you will get with this ukulele is a decent quality gig bag and the bag even has one extra pocket to store your other small ukulele accessories such as straps, extra strings, tuners, etc.

Luna Tattoo Ukulele

Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U 23’’ Carbon Fiber

There are very limited carbon fiber ukuleles, and the Enya Nova U concert ukulele is one of them. Enya is a well-known name and those who know even little about ukuleles and brands then you must have heard this name already.

This ukulele is made of carbon fiber composite polycarbonate which really stands out among other wooden ukuleles. I have played lots of wooden and a few polycarbonate ukuleles, and the experience of playing a polycarbonate ukulele is always very different in a good way.

If you are a beginner then this ukulele is perfect for you, the fretboard is really nice and the stars fret markers look very attractive. The overall ukulele is very comfortable to hold and play.

The sound of this ukulele is really melodious. You also get a handful of accessories such as a very good quality gig bag, straps, capo, and strings.

I really like the black color of this ukulele, it looks absolutely stunning and will definitely attract lots of eyeballs. However, I noticed that the black color gets a lot of fingerprints, so if you want to avoid it then get a different color.

Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U 23

Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele

Do I need to give any introduction to this brand? well, I guess not. We all ukulele enthusiasts know what Kala is and how good Kala ukuleles are in real life.

Well, the Kala KA series is Kala’s one of the most-selling ukulele categories. I have personally owned all sizes of ukulele by the Kala KA series. Well for now let’s talk about the Kala KA-C concert ukulele.

So, this is the concert-sized ukulele by Kala that is made up of laminated mahogany wood which provides super rich, warm, and deep sound. In the budget, this ukulele is absolutely worth purchasing, however, you can not compare the tone of this ukulele with a high-end brand made up of solid mahogany wood.

The overall craftmanship of this ukulele is so nice and the attention to detail is really good, the satin finish of this ukulele gives it a very premium feel.

This ukulele is equipped with Aquila Super Nylgut strings that are by far the best strings that I have ever used, they are very soft to use and very durable.

The chrome die-cast tuners look very good and they are very easy to use, you can use them to tune your ukulele and you can even adjust them according to your personal liking.

There are very less chances that the ukulele will come tuned out of the box, in most cases, you have to manually tune the ukulele after purchasing. And for starting few weeks, you have to regularly tune your ukulele but once the strings are fully stretched out, they will then stay tuned for a very much long time.

Overall, this ukulele has no drawbacks or problems whatsoever, I really recommend this ukulele to anyone who is either beginner or an advanced ukulele player. However, the only thing that can be done by Kala is at least they should provide a gig-bad which is right now not included. Apart from the gig bag thing, there are no issues.

Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele

AKLOT AKC23 Concert Ukelele

There are very budget-friendly ukulele brands that are actually good in terms of build quality and tone. Aklot is one of them. Those who have used budget ukuleles before may already know about Aklot ukuleles, however, for those who are purchasing ukuleles for the first time, let me introduce y’all to Aklot.

Aklot is the best-selling ukulele brand on Amazon and their customer feedback is amazing. A few years back I recommended the same AKC23 ukulele to one of my very closest relatives and till today this ukulele is going super smoothly without any major problems and that’s why I am including AKC23 in my list of best concert ukuleles.

The top and back of this ukulele are made up of solid mahogany wood, and the projection of this ukulele is excellent. The tone is kind of warm and deep with little bass effect in it.

The rounded edges of this ukulele are very much comfortable and smooth for playing for long hours, I really hate ukuleles with sharp edges.

Aquila strings are soft and feel very comfortable while playing, and the copper gear tuner is very easy to use and tune the ukulele accurately. When the ukulele is brand new you need to frequently re-tune it.

With this ukulele, you will get lots of accessories such as extra strings, two picks, a gig bag, a tuner, and a cleaning cloth.

At the price this ukulele is available right now, it is absolutely a steal and I don’t see any reason not to buy this ukulele.

AKLOT AKC23 Concert Ukelele

Donner DUC-3 Concert Ukulele

Another budget-oriented yet amazing ukulele by the brand Donner, if you are not familiar with this brand then let me tell you just like Aklot, Kala, etc Donner is also a ukulele-brand that mainly focuses on providing budget-friendly ukuleles to customers.

There are lots of concert ukuleles by Donner but what got my attention is Donner DUC-3 concert ukulele, I never owned this ukulele personally, so I did little research about this particular model and I was really impressed by the values this ukulele has to offer.

This ukulele has a very crisp and rich sound thanks to the mahogany and spruce wood that has been used in making this ukulele.

The sun engraving that has been done in the ukulele looks very eye-catchy which really makes this ukulele different in terms of looks from other ukuleles. I also liked the smoke pattern that is offered on the fretboard.

Nylon strings are used in this ukulele and you need to tune the ukulele first before you can actually start playing it, furthermore, the strings need to be first stretched properly to stay in tune, however, tuning the ukulele is very easy in this ukulele as you are getting a tuner as an accessory with this ukulele.

You do get the extra set of strings as well but I would recommend you buy better strings like Aquila to get the most out of this ukulele.

The craftsmanship of almost all donner ukuleles is always very good, I don’t have any issue with it. You will also get a strap and a good-quality gig bag.

Overall, this ukulele is pretty much recommended from my side. If you are having a budget of less than $100 then you can consider this ukulele as a good option to buy.

Donner DUC-3 Concert Ukulele

Ranch Concert Ukulele UK-23

The Ranch is another popular ukulele brand on Amazon with amazing customer feedback. I have my very closest friend that has this same UK-23 Ranch concert ukulele and since I have played this ukulele personally, I know all pros and cons of this ukulele.

First of all, this is an amazing ukulele for beginners there is no doubt about it, the top and back of this ukulele are made from Sapele wood (not mahogany) which results in a deep and brighter sound. The finish of this ukulele is decent and even the overall craftsmanship is nice, no complaints from my side.

However, don’t expect the finish of this ukulele to be as good as some other $100+ premium ukuleles but at the current price this ukulele is available right now, it is nice.

You get Aquila strings attached to this ukulele which is very soft to play with. You need to frequently play with this ukulele to get the strings properly stretched.

The best part about this particular ukulele is you get almost all the accessories that you need to get started. From a gig bag to a tuner, Ranch has provided it all with this ukulele. However, the tuner that is included is not of great quality but don’t worry it will get the job done.

Ranch brand is well-known for its amazing customer support so even if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 30 days and get your full refund.

Ranch Concert Ukulele UK-23

Strong Wind Concert Ukulele

Strong Wind isn’t a very popular brand but that doesn’t mean their ukuleles are any bad, in fact, this concert ukulele by strong wind is somewhat better than some ukuleles by well-known brands.

This is a complete mahogany-built ukulele that comes with Aquila nylon strings, the tone is loud and crisp, and the notes are clear.

The nylon string that you get with this ukulele is super durable and strong, even if you are buying this ukulele for a kid then don’t worry the strings are strong enough to tackle the harsh playing.

The fretboard is well-finished with white dotted fret markers, and the overall finishing of the ukulele is decent and gives a premium vibe while holding the ukulele.

Tuning pegs are easy to rotate and you can use them to tune your ukulele without any hustle. This ukulele is well-suited for beginners and intermediate players.

You will get a good quality gig bag that will keep your ukulele protected from dust and damage. There are no major flaws in this ukulele, you can buy this ukulele without giving it a second thought.

Strong Wind Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele

A very beautiful and well-crafted ukulele OU2 by Oscar Schmidt is the perfect choice for beginners and advanced players alike.

The top, back, and sides of this ukulele are made from mahogany wood which we all know is the best choice of wood for ukuleles. The ukulele has a very mellower, rich, deep, and warm sound that will definitely make your soul happy every time you play it.

Having used this ukulele personally I know how elegant this ukulele is, there is no fancy or eye-catchy design yet the ukulele has a positive vibe in it that makes me happy whenever I hold this ukulele in my hand.

This ukulele is equipped with GHS strings but those who are die-hard Aquila nylon strings fans can get the strings replaced to get an even better sound and smooth playing experience.

This ukulele has some kind of high gloss finish which makes this ukulele shine a little and it feels very smooth to the touch. The craftsmanship is good, and the attention to detail is even better.

You do get a gig bag, a tuner, and a cleaning cloth with this ukulele. The tuner that is included with this ukulele package is Musedo T-50, you can simply attach it on top of the ukulele to easily tune your ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Things to keep in mind before buying a concert ukulele

Before you buy yourself a concert ukulele, please keep these things in mind. Otherwise you will regret your decision later.


Never ever go with a cheap brand just to safe a few bucks, ukuleles are often cheap as compared to guitars but don’t just go with brands that are selling ukuleles as cheap as $20-30.

Since ukuleles are now very trendy, there are so many new brands that have come into the game, and I am not saying all new ukulele brands are bad, some are very nice. But it becomes very difficult to choose ukulele from a new brand because of less customer feedback.

if you are having little to no knowledge about ukuleles and you can not distinguish much between ukuleles with different materials then take my advice and go with the only brands that are discussed in this article.

Build Quality

Build quality matters a lot, if you buy a badly built ukulele with poor craftsmanship then sooner or later you gonna regret your decision of buying a ukulele.

Always try to look for the best possible build quality when it comes to buying a ukulele, not only the better build quality will last you longer but also it will sound good.

Ukuleles with bad material often sound dead and very toyish, and if you are serious about learning ukulele or if you want to play ukulele professionally then do yourself a favor and do a little research about the build quality before making the final call.

All the ukuleles that are listed above are of very good build quality and I am sure if you buy any of the above ukuleles you will love your choice.


Compared to other strings instrument, ukuleles are cheap and there is no doubt about it. But don’t expect to get a good ukulele at just $20-30. I know lots of must-have-seen ukuleles that are selling in this price range but believe me guys most of the time they are just toys that are not even playable.

And even if you find any wooden ukulele at 20-30 bucks then simply ignore it because higher chances are that the ukulele is built of very very poor quality and will sound like trash.

If you ask me what should be a good budget to spend on the ukulele, I would say at least $50. If you don’t have a budget of at least $50 then hold on to your decision of buying a ukulele and save more money once you have the proper budget then only invest it in buying a ukulele.

I have a proper Ukulele price guide where you can find different ukuleles that are available at different price ranges. And what to expect when you increase your budget, so give it a read if you are not sure how much to spend on Ukulele.


Strings are very important, you should always look for nylon strings not only because they are soft to use and won’t hurt your fingers but also because they are very durable and strong.

Nowadays most ukuleles are equipped with nylon strings, my personal favorite is Aquila nylon strings because they are quite durable.

One more thing to keep in mind whenever you buy a new ukulele, it is quite normal for them to not stay in tune but after using them for a few days the strings get stretched out. Once strings are stretched out, your ukulele will stay in tune for way longer than before.

There are some strings that just won’t let the ukulele stay in tune, so if your ukulele is not also staying in tune even after a few weeks of using them then it’s a sign of replacing your existing stings with the brand new one.

Material Used

The material used in making the instrument matters a lot. An actual ukulele is made from wood and most of the time you will see mahogany wood but different ranges of ukuleles use different types of wood.

The most common type of wood that manufacturer use is Mahogany and Sapele. Many mid-range ukuleles use either of this wood, in fact, there are some ukuleles that have solid and laminated tops.

It is often considered that ukuleles made from solid wood have a deep and warm tone as compared to laminated wood. So, if you have to choose between solid and laminated then always go with a solid top.

There are some ukuleles (mostly in the upper price range) that are made from Koa wood. These types of ukuleles are very premium and they sound absolutely amazing. But their price range goes as high as $2500.

However, there are some very cheap ukuleles as well that are made from cheap plastic, so avoid them at any cost. They sound very trashy and are very delicate. Such ukuleles are almost a toy that you can use for decoration purposes only.

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Wrapping Up

So, that’s it, everyone. Choosing the best ukulele is tough and just to make this task easier for y’all I created this article. I hope this article will help you in choosing the best ukulele for you. I hope all the points that I made in this article will help you in selecting the best concert ukulele.

If you have any suggestions or if you think I miss any particular ukulele then do let me know I will try to include it in my list. You can comment down below your all doubts and I will try my best to answer your all questions.

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