The 8 Best Soprano Ukulele in 2023 (Review and Guide)

In this guide, I will share some of the best soprano ukulele with you all. So, if you are interested then keep reading this article till the end.

Ukulele, the little instrument from Hawaii is undoubtedly getting very trendy these days, lots and lots of people are now getting aware of this instrument. And speaking on the behalf of an old ukulele player, it makes me very happy to see the ukulele getting all the attention that it always deserved.

People are now choosing the ukulele over the guitar because first of all, ukuleles have 4 strings only which make it easier to learn as compared to the guitar, and second of all, it is very cheap in price.

There was a time when people used to think ukulele as a toy instrument only but now since lots of old and new musician has started using the ukulele in their concerts, people have finally started considering the ukulele as a proper string instrument.

The most traditional size of ukulele is Soprano which I guess you all know and, to be honest, this is the size that really gives you the vibe of the real ukulele. If you don’t know then let me tell you back in the 1900s the very first ukulele was of soprano size only. Other sizes came after when this instrument started to gain popularity.

Best Soprano Ukulele

You guys always ask me to tell you the best soprano ukulele, so here I am today, introducing some of the best soprano-sized ukuleles for y’all.

Kala KA 15S

None of my ukulele recommendation guides is complete without recommending a Kala instrument even though I am not sponsored by this brand, I really wish they sponsor me in the future but anyway, the only reason why I love this brand is because of the fact that how good Kala’s ukuleles are.

Kala KA 15s is undoubtedly the best option for those who are running on a tight budget and want to get the best possible quality in the budget, simply close your eyes and get Kala KA 15s ordered from Amazon.

The top, back, and neck of this ukulele are made from Mahogany wood which makes the overall sound of this ukulele very melodious and sweet. Since this is a soprano-sized ukulele, the sound is very bright and deep.

Aquila Super Nylgut strings have been used in this ukulele which is by far one of the best strings that you can get in any ukulele. The strings are soft and stretchy.

In the starting, you need to tune your ukulele quite frequently but after a week or so, the ukulele will stay in tune.

The overall craftmanship and build quality are amazing, everything has been done in a professional way. The design is simple yet it gives a premium vibe. I really like the satin finish on ukuleles.

So, if you have a budget of under $100 then this is the best option for you.

Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele

Lohanu (LU-S) Soprano Ukulele

For a beginner or intermediate player Lohanu, LU-S is absolutely a great choice, this ukulele is also very budget-friendly and comes with a great package.

I have personally tested this ukulele, and I didn’t see any major problems in this ukulele, it is a decent ukulele that produces a very deep and warm tone.

Lohanu used Sapele wood in making the top, back, and neck of this ukulele. Sapele is another popular wood that ukulele brands often use in constructing their instruments. However, they have used laminated Sapele wood which is not as good as solid one but from my experience, they don’t make a big difference.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate player then don’t think very much about a solid and laminated top.

Just like the Kala KA 15s, this ukulele is also equipped with Super Aquila Nylgut strings which is no doubt a very good choice for a ukulele.

This ukulele has a polished finish type which feels very smooth to the touch. The best thing about this ukulele is that you get lots of accessories included, you get a gigbag, a tuner, straps, an extra set of strings, a ukulele learning guide, etc.

At the price this ukulele is available, it is absolutely worth it. You can check the price of this ukulele on Amazon by clicking on the below button.

Lohanu (LU-S) Soprano Ukulele

Kala KA-P Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

If you are looking for something different from ordinary ukuleles then have a look at the Kala KA-P where “P” stands for Pineapple. This is the pineapple-shaped ukulele which looks absolutely stunning and very eye-catchy. This ukulele will definitely attract lots of eyeballs if you play it on stage or in a room with a group of people.

Since this ukulele is not an 8-shaped ukulele which is the standard shape, people do get confused and ask me whether this sound any different from a normal 8-shaped ukulele, the answer is yes, it does sound louder and sweeter than the standard shape of the ukulele.

The top and back of this ukulele are made up of mahogany and the fingerboard is made up of walnut. Since this is a soprano-sized pineapple ukulele, the tone is deep, warm, and a little louder than other soprano-sized ukuleles.

This ukulele comes with Aquila Super Nylgut strings and you already know how good these strings are. When you receive the ukulele, you need to tune it, it is very easy to tune this ukulele since you are getting a tuner as a part of the accessory.

Apart from a tuner, this ukulele includes a solid gigbag and a DVD as accessories. If you are looking for something unique and different then you can order this ukulele without any single doubt.

Kala KA-P Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OUN Soprano Ukulele

If you want to buy a ukulele from a premium brand then have a look at the Oscar Schmidt OUN soprano ukulele, it is undoubtedly an amazing ukulele by Oscar Schmidt, and those who know even a little about different ukulele brands will know how good Oscar Schmidt’s ukuleles are.

Oscar Schmidt has named this particular ukulele Dolphin, if you look at the body of this ukulele, you will see the dolphin design engraved, it definitely looks amazing and attractive.

This is a well-constructed ukulele with the best possible finishing. Everything in this ukulele is beautifully done, I didn’t find any issues in the design and construction of this ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt has used Basswood material to construct the top and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene to construct the back and side of the ukulele. The tone is rich and loud, I really liked it. Thanks to Aquila strings that are equipped with this ukulele, it results in even better sound production.

You do get a lot of accessories such as a tuner, straps, a cleaning cloth, a well-constructed gig bag, and an Austin Bazar DVD.

Considering the fact this ukulele comes from Oscar Schmidt the price is really impressive. You can check the price of this product on Amazon.

Oscar Schmidt OUN Soprano Ukulele

Donner Soprano Ukulele DUS-1

If you want to get yourself a soprano ukulele from a good, trusted, and budget-friendly brand then Donner DUS-1 is not a bad choice to go with.

I have used Donner Concert and Tenor ukuleles, and one thing I can assure y’all is the quality that Donner gives to its customers is really worth appreciating. Especially at the price, Donner has placed their ukuleles, I am highly impressed.

Even though the brand is not very old, it still managed to become the best seller ukulele brand on Amazon and there is no doubt about it.

The top, back, and sides of DUS-1 are made up of mahogany wood which is my favorite choice of wood in any ukulele. The sound because of mahogany wood is always very warm and deep.

DUS-1 is equipped with Aquila Carbon Nylon strings and to be honest, these strings are one of the best, however, they do require a little stretching and once the strings are fully stretched you can expect them to stay in tune.

The craftsmanship is good, and there are no major drawbacks or anything noticeable. Overall, this ukulele is perfect with no major issues whatsoever.

A gig bag, Tuner, pick, cleaning cloth, and an extra set of strings are included as accessories with this ukulele. It is a great deal if you ask me.

Donner Soprano Ukulele DUS-1

Kala KA-PWS Walnut Soprano Ukulele

If you are looking for something different then have a look at this beautiful ukulele by Kala. KALA KA-PWS is no doubt a beautiful ukulele made up of walnut wood.

Since many ukuleles these days are made up of mahogany or Sapele wood, this one is made up of Walnut, mahogany, and rosewood which gives this ukulele unique characteristics.

The color and finish of this ukulele are what I am a big fan of even if you use this ukulele aggressively the color will remain intact.

Since the wood used in the construction of this ukulele, the tone is absolutely amazing. It is very rich and clear. I really like it. Even big thanks to the Aquila Nylon strings that are equipped in this ukulele, it even makes the sound more bright and crisp.

This ukulele is very comfortable to hold, the design is done in such a way that you can play this ukulele for long hours without getting any fatigue. Unlike other ukuleles, the edges are not really sharp which again added a positive thing to this ukulele.

If you have a budget of under 200 bucks then absolutely you should get this one ordered. However, the only downside is Kala has not included any accessories, but that’s okay, you can get them separately.

Kala KA-PWS Walnut Soprano Ukulele

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Another big name in the ukulele market is Luna, I recommended the same model of ukulele to one of my closest relatives. And till now the ukulele is performing absolutely amazingly.

This is the ukulele that will give you a vintage vibe, so if you love old school and vintage vibe then absolutely this ukulele will be your best friend.

The combination of white strings on the satin finish, and the dark red colored ukulele looks so eye catchy and amazing.

The top, back, and sides are made up of mahogany which makes this ukulele very durable and strong. Furthermore, it makes the tone more impressive. The bridge is made up of walnut.

The tuning pegs are black in color and look very good, also they are open-geared tuning pegs, which really helps in tuning the ukulele more easily.

Rosette’s design engraved around the sound hole looks absolutely stunning and adds to the overall vintage vibe of this ukulele.

At the price this ukulele is available, I see no problem in getting this one ordered. Since I have tested this ukulele personally, you can trust me on that, and get yourself this uke ordered. You will definitely love it.

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Cordoba 15SM Soprano Ukulele

If you want to start your ukulele journey with a high-end brand then have a look at the Cordoba 15SM soprano ukulele, this ukulele is completely mahogany built and is very durable and strong.

If you are already familiar with different brands of ukuleles then high chance are you already know about this brand, most Cordoba ukuleles are priced more than $150-200 but this one is priced at a very reasonable price.

The top, back, neck, and sides are made up of mahogany wood, and the overall satin finish is by far my favorite. However, if you don’t like the finish then you can always polish it according to your preference.

Nylon strings are very soft and easy to use, however, they do require a little stretching to make the ukulele tuned. Everything on this ukulele is good and perfect, I don’t see any major flaws.

Everything is well-positioned and aligned in a perfect manner. The only downside of this ukulele is you do not get any accessories with Cordoba 15SM, so make sure to purchase some basic accessories such as a gig bag.

Cordoba 15SM Soprano Ukulele

Expert’s advice before you buy a soprano ukulele:

There is some advice I would like to give you as an expert. If you are a beginner who is buying a ukulele for the first time then please keep the below-mentioned points in your mind, it will help you in making a better purchase.

Types of Ukuleles

If you don’t know then let me tell you, ukuleles are generally of 4 types, 1) Soprano, 2) Concert 3) Tenor and 4) Baritone where the soprano ukulele is the smallest one and the baritone is the biggest one.

The most traditional size of ukulele is a soprano and this is the same size of ukulele that we discussed in this article. For kids, the soprano size is the best and even for experts soprano size is the one that will give you pure Hawaiian vibes while playing the ukulele.

The size of soprano, concert, tenor, and Bartone are 21 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches, and 30 inches respectively.

So, if you think you can use a soprano ukulele comfortably then go ahead and buy yourself a soprano-sized ukulele and if you think the concert uke is ideal for you then check out our best concert ukuleles guide.

Ukulele Price Range

Ukuleles are no doubt very cheap string instruments if compared to other string instruments, there are some ukuleles that are as cheap as $20 but those are trash in my opinion.

A good ukulele that is not a toy will easily cost you more than $50. You should never ever spend below $50 on ukuleles because anything below this price range is trash and it will make your learning experience completely bad.

If you are serious about learning and playing ukulele then be ready to invest at least $50. At this price range, there are many entry-level ukuleles are available from some great bands.

People often make a mistake they buy a $20-30 ukulele and then they complain about how bad ukuleles are and how bad they sound, well, to avoid such bad experiences then be ready to spend some money from your pocket.

Build Quality

A ukulele from the above-discussed brands has a very good build quality but there are lots of new brands that have just started manufacturing ukuleles and believe me they are using very build quality.

Keep in mind a badly built ukulele with poor craftsmanship will always sound like trash and it will not even last you a few months. When it comes to building quality, you should always check what kind of wood is used in building the top, neck, and back of the ukulele.

Also, check how well the ukulele is crafted and what kind of strings is used in the ukulele. My personal preference when it comes to strings is Aquila nylon strings because they are very soft to use, so if you see a ukulele with this string then it’s a positive sign.


This is the main part of buying any instrument, right? doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the ukulele, if it doesn’t sound good then it is a waste, right? if the ukulele is from big brands like Kala, Oscar Schmidt, Cordoba, Donner, etc then it will always sound good.

When you buy a ukulele from the offline store then you can test it on your own but when it comes to online buying, you need to look at factors like, how good is the brand, what kind of wood they have used, whether is solid top or laminated, what strings are used, etc.

After knowing about all these factors you can conclude how well the ukulele will sound. Apart from all these things, make sure to read the feedback from customers who already have purchased the ukulele.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) What is the size of soprano Ukuleles?

Soprano ukuleles are 21 inches, they are the smallest among all types of ukuleles. For kids soprano size is the best, however, it doesn’t really matter much if you are buying a soprano ukulele for an adult. Ukuleles are constructed in such a way that every age group can play them.

Question 2) Does the size affect the tone of the ukulele?

Well, to be completely frank, yes it does affect the tone of the ukulele. The soprano-sized ukulele will produce bright and treble-focused sound whereas ukuleles with bigger sizes such as a concert, tenor, and baritone will produce loud and little bassy sound.

Question 3) Is the soprano ukulele ideal for kids?

For kids, Soprano ukuleles are best. Since they are small in size and light in weight, kids can easily carry them. And soprano ukuleles fit very well on kids’ hands. I have gifted several soprano ukuleles to my kid and he loves them a lot. And as compared to tenor or baritone, the soprano ukuleles are more comfortable for kids’ POV.

Question 4) How to Keep the soprano ukulele in tune?

It is very important for ukuleles to stay tuned otherwise they will produce the wrong sound. To check whether your ukulele is tuned or not you can use the tuner if you have got as an accessory with your ukulele, and if you don’t have a tuner then you can download ukulele tuning apps from the app or play store.

You can check this guide if your ukulele won’t stay in tune.

Wrapping Up

I really hope this article helped you in selecting the best soprano ukulele for you. Since there are lots of soprano ukuleles available online it is very important to know the difference between them. In this article, I picked some of the best soprano ukuleles for you so that you don’t have to do your own research. Simply order any of our suggested ukuleles and I am sure you will love them.

If you have any doubts or any suggestions then do let us know by dropping a comment down below. We love to hear from y’all.

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