Ukulele Buddy Review 2022 – Should you Buy or Not?

Today in this article, I have done a complete Ukulele buddy review so if you are confused about this course and want to find out whether the Ukulele buddy course is worth taking or not then please read this review article till the end. 

Are you looking for the best ukulele lessons and courses to learn ukulele in the comfort of your home? 

Well, you will be happy to know that thousands of ukulele courses and lessons are online today. The only problem is finding the legit and best ukulele lessons.

Ukulele Buddy is one such course that is legit and tested by me personally, I have taken this course personally so I know everything about this course and that’s why today I am here to review ukulele buddy.

Ukulele Buddy Review 2022

Ukulele Buddy Review

The Ukulele buddy course is one online ukulele course many people keep bringing up. The ukulele buddy course piqued our interest, so we took the class to see if it genuinely offered value for money.  

But did we love it? Was it worth it, and did it offer value for money? 

If you have been considering signing up for the ukulele buddy courses but aren’t sure whether to sign up, you have come to the right place.

In this quick guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the Ukulele Buddy course. By the end of this guide, you will be able to decide whether Ukulele Buddy is the right course for you or not. 

Some things you will learn about the Ukulele Buddy course include:

  • The quality of their videos
  • Their teachers and tutors
  • The content amount
  • The pricing 
  • The courses and lesson
  • The freebies  

By the end of our ukulele buddy review, you will understand whether this course is suitable for you or not. Let’s take a closer look at the ukulele buddy lessons and courses and see and see whether it offers value for money.

Ukulele Buddy Quick Overview: Should you sign up or not?

The ukulele buddy lessons and courses are more geared toward the typical beginner. So, whether you are picking up the guitar for the first time or trying to master different techniques like chords, patterns, strumming, and fingerpicking, you will find this course useful.

The purpose of the ukulele buddy is primarily to assist beginners in learning the basic tricks and techniques of the ukulele. 

However, just because they designed it to target beginners, it does not mean that you will not find it useful if you’re an intermediate or advanced ukulele player.

If your goal is to take your ukulele skills (intermediate or advanced) to the next level, you will find some valuable lessons in this course. However, advanced resources are not as numerous as those for beginners.

Ukulele Buddy offers easy-to-follow, straightforward, and digestible lessons. What surprised me most about the ukulele buddy site was the ability to receive feedback directly from our instructors.

The ability of their instructors to assess our technique and provide constructive criticism shortened our learning curve. For this reason, we were able to learn the ukulele faster than we thought.

Whenever we had difficulty performing a technique, such as strumming chords, fingerpicking, or other techniques, they analyzed our videos and informed us of what we needed to improve. And before we knew it, we started getting better and better at the ukulele. There are not many online ukulele courses that give direct feedback to their students.

In addition, the ukulele buddy course and lessons impressed us because of their pace and ease of following. 

If you are a beginner and would like to learn the ukulele at your own pace, they designed the ukulele buddy course for you—especially if you have little time on your hands and have a few hours to learn a week.

Ukulele Buddy Pros and cons

Here is an overview of what is amazing and what sucks (if any) about the ukulele buddy course. 

Ukulele buddy pros

  • Short, simple videos
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Engaging lessons
  • Interactive
  • Direct feedback 
  • A killer interface
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike
  • Goo online community 
  • Big library of videos and songs 

Ukulele buddy cons

  • Suitable for beginners, but not for advanced ukulele players as most of the lessons teach basic techniques

Ukulele Buddy Review: Lessons and courses

When you sign up for Ukulele Buddy, you will instantly get access to over 10 lessons. Plus, you can learn these lessons at your own pace. Depending on your schedule, you can set aside an hour or up to 7 hours a week if you like.

If there is one thing that made me fall in love with the Ukulele Buddy course, it is the fact you get access to over 72 lessons for a one-time fee.

The Ukulele Buddy site video lessons last approximately 12 to 15 minutes to teach different techniques. The videos are intentionally short since long videos can be difficult to follow.

You will benefit immensely from Ukulele Buddy if you are a beginner because most of their lessons are beginner-friendly. 

In some videos, the teachers use whiteboards to illustrate different ukulele-playing techniques like chords. Their videos also use close-up shots to show different hand positions and techniques.

This is critical, as you will not miss the finer details. This is why it is easy to master the ukulele by learning this course.

The first lessons are meant for beginners to kick-start their ukulele-playing journey. You’ll learn basic ukulele techniques like simple or basic chords. 

After you know the basics, like the back of your hand, that’s when you move on to the next stage. As you progress, you will learn more complex things like strumming patterns and fingerpicking.

They also introduce slightly challenging chord progressions accompanied by the full song playing as you continue with the lessons. For this reason, they encourage you to practice more often to improve.

Later in the course, they introduce new song genres, such as blues and reggae. Most songs are popular ukulele songs, so you shouldn’t have a problem playing them. We love Ukulele Buddy lessons for this reason. They aim to make you a better ukulele player and musician as well.

What I really like about Ukulele Buddy

So below are some of my favorite aspects of Ukulele buddy that I like.

No Long Boring Lessons

Imagine watching ukulele lessons that are 40 minutes long, you simply can not watch them in one go unless you are very passionate about learning Ukulele.

However, that’s not the case with Ukulele buddy because every lesson at Ukulele buddy is only 7-16 minutes which is something that I really like. You can easily take out 7-16 minutes from your busy schedule to watch ukulele lessons.

Direct-to-the-point lessons

Most of you must be wondering if the lessons are only 7-16 minutes long probably they are not effective, well that’s not the case at all.

The lesson is very direct to the point and there is no useless stuff that can increase the duration of the lessons. The instructors have done their best job in putting quality stuff in their every lesson.

The Best Instructors

JP Allen and Mitch Chang founded the Ukulele Buddy Course. These are the main faces and voices you will hear and see in the ukulele buddy videos and tutorials. 

JP Allen and Mitch Chang are ukulele maestros and are well-known in the ukulele community. They have been playing and teaching the uke for over 20 years. We love that experienced teachers and tutors you can trust put together the Ukulele. Their knowledge and experience also enable them to package and convey information in a manner that everyone easily understands.  

Since they know everything there is to know about the ukulele, you can rest assured that their course is packed with rear gems. This will make you a uke boss.  

How much do the Ukulele Buddy course and lessons cost?

The courses and lessons at Ukulele Buddy are pretty affordable. You will access every learning material on the site for a one-time fee of $67.

This includes any updates to the course or if they introduce brand-new material. I think this one-time pricing is what makes Ukulele Buddy stand out compared to other ukulele courses.

Other courses, like Uke Like The Pros, offer a variety of membership plans. So, if you cannot afford a particular membership, you will miss out on various resources such as courses. This is disadvantageous to you since these resources may be exactly what you need to take your ukulele skills to the next level. With Ukulele Buddy, the one-time fee covers everything, and you have access to any added material, like videos and lessons.

How did we decide that ukulele buddy is worth it?

Various blogs and people mentioned how fantastic the ukulele buddy uke course and lessons were.

To verify whether this was the case, we enrolled in the program. The courses at Ukulele Buddy really blew us away. We noticed a trend in their videos – they discussed ukulele techniques in a simple and depth manner.

We also loved the fact that they curated their courses with the typical ukulele beginner in mind. The lessons are well-paced, and you can learn at your own pace. 

All we had to do was set aside just a few hours a week, and before we knew it, we became ukulele pros. The free materials they offer, such as chords and digital books, are also of great value. 

If you like interactive learning, you will also enjoy this course because the instructors offer direct feedback. There is an amazing online community as well. 

Freebies on the ukulele buddy

When you sign up for Ukulele Buddy, you will also get a lot of free material. Technically, you can download any material they put out on the site as they only have a one-time fee. Ukulele Buddy will not charge you more than $67 for everything.

You will also get a printable music e-book and an online metronome. Here are some of the digital books you will get:

  • The Instant Chord Method.
  • How to unlock the secret to decoding any strumming pattern by ear … in seconds!
  • Ukulele Buddy play along schedule
  • The Best Strumming Lesson…Period
  • How to play your favorite songs using ultra-simplified Uke Tabs.
  • Advanced Strumming Techniques
  • The “Big Three Chords” and why you need to know them
  • How to learn hundreds of songs ― by ear ― and play them right away on your uke.
  • The secret to instantly increasing your chord vocabulary
  • Ukulele Festival Favorites
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 1
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 2
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 3
  • Ukulele Favorites Volume 4

You will also get a free chord chart to learn how to place your fingers while playing chords on the ukulele.

How does Ukulele Buddy measure up to its competitors?

The Ukulele Buddy is one of the most famous sites that offer ukulele lessons and courses. Ukulele Buddy is up there with courses from The Uke Like The Pro and ArtsitWorks, which are other resourceful courses.

However, my personal favorite ukulele course is Uke Like The Pros, it is one of the best quality ukulele courses that you can buy, and the video quality is also way better in Uke Like The Pros.

Regarding pricing, it is cheaper than these sites, and the one-time fee also makes it stand out.

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Final verdict

It’s time to wrap up our ukulele buddy review. Now you know everything there is to know about the Ukulele Buddy course and lessons. Now that you know this information, you can decide whether or not the Ukulele Buddy course is right for you.

At the end of the day, whether you settle for the Ukulele Buddy course or not is up to you.

Considering the value it offers for $67 ONLY, we highly recommend the Ukulele Buddy course.

If you are a complete beginner, sign up for the Ukulele Buddy course, as they created it for beginners like you. You can also sign up for a Ukulele Buddy if you are an intermediate ukulele player. They have in-depth resources and give you access to any updates on the course once you settle the one-time fee.

However, if you are an advanced player just polishing their skills, the ukulele buddy course might not be for you since they geared it toward beginners. Simply put, beginners will find more value than advanced learners in Ukulele Buddy.

You can take your ukulele skills to the next level thanks to the 72 detailed lessons, in-depth videos, engaging instructors, and the free materials on Ukulele Buddy.

The only thing you need to do is put what you learn into practice, and you will soon become a master ukulele player.

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