10+ Best Ukulele for Kids 2022 Reviews in Detail

Looking for the best ukulele for kids? well today I got you cover, here in this article, I have shared some best ukuleles for kids.

Kids really love to play music and what would be better than gifting an actual instrument to them? and when it comes to the best musical instrument for kids then you can’t get wrong with ukuleles. Ukuleles are compact in size which makes them ideal musical instruments for children.

If you are looking for gifting a ukulele to your kids this Christmas then let me tell you, you have made an amazing decision. I recently gifted a soprano ukulele to my 9-year-old cousin and he really loved it.

In this article, I will be helping you in finding the best ukuleles for kids that you can buy online directly from Amazon. So, without wasting any further time let’s get started.


Best Ukulele For Kids

So below I am going to share 10+ best ukuleles for children/kids. I have done deep research while making this list of the best ukuleles for kids. The majority of the ukuleles that I have listed below are tested by me personally, so I have shared my personal experience with these individual ukuleles as well.

Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele

Our regular viewers already know how much I love this ukulele by Kala. Kala KA 15s is a very good quality ukulele that is built to last years. If you want to gift your kid a budget-friendly ukulele without compromising the build and sound quality then this ukulele is the one you should go with. You can check out our separate article on the Kala KA 15s review.

Kala KA 15S is a soprano ukulele which is an ideal choice for kids since the size is compact the kid can easily hold and carry it with them. This ukulele has a solid spruce top and mahogany back which results in an amazing tone. Although the saddle is made of plastic that is okay it is not something to worry about.

The fingerboard is really very easy to navigate, all thanks to rosewood. The best part is the price of this ukulele is very affordable, overall, I would say this ukulele is a great option for kids and even adults who are looking for quality ukuleles without breaking the bank.

Kala KA-15S on Amazon

Donner Ukulele

Just like Kala, Donner is also a brand that mainly focuses on budget-oriented ukuleles. The best thing about this ukulele is that there are lots of accessories included and all the accessories are very helpful, and I am sure kids will love this ukulele.

This is a very affordable ukulele that features a high-quality build and sound. This body of Donner DUC-1 is made up of mahogany wood which is a classic choice for the ukulele, it also results in providing a crisp and pleasant sound.

Strings are also pretty good, this uke features the Aquila strings, for kids, this is the perfect string because of the fact that these strings are very durable and strong.

Needless to say, the fingerboard and bridge provide comfortable playability, I also really like the Sami-open finish of this ukulele, it really gives it a beautiful look. If you want to know about donner ukulele in detail check out our Donner ukulele review.

For kids they have also included free ukulele lessons, it would be really helpful for those kids who are very new to ukulele.

Donner DUC-1 on Amazon

Enya Nova U Mini 

Another ukulele that I consider perfect for kids is Enya Nova U Mini. Enya Nova U Mini is the perfect choice for kids because of the rigid build quality of this ukulele.

Most people consider ukuleles that are made up of wood, however, this one is made of top-quality carbon fiber composite polycarbonate, regardless of the fact that this is made up of polycarbonate material, this ukulele produces as melodious sound as any other wood ukulele.

The combination of carbon fiber and plastic makes the ukulele really tough and rigid and it can easily last you a very long time.

In fact, the ukulele looks very stunning and the beautiful finish is sure to turn heads. Since kids usually prefer smaller-size ukuleles, this uke is the perfect choice for them because it is just 21 inches long, even adults with smaller hands can consider buying this uke.

Regardless of the size, this ukulele has a very bright and full sound with plenty of volume. You will also get some basic accessories like a ukulele case (semi-hard), spare strings, and a tuner.

Enya Nova U Mini on Amazon

Makala Soprano Ukulele

You can not go wrong with Kala Ukuleles, Makala soprano is another classic ukulele by Kala and is the perfect entry-level option for kids and the younger generation.

Kala has introduced the Makala ukulele line for those who are looking for budget-friendly ukuleles and I believe the Makala ukulele is perfect for kids for two reasons 1) They are budget-oriented and 2) They are solid and sound so damn good.

The craftsmanship of this ukulele is really worth praising and I was surprised to see such decent craftsmanship in such a budget ukulele. The top of the ukulele is made of mahogany which results in a bright tone. There is no problem whatsoever in build quality.

Talking about the tone, I found it really impressive if compared to ukes at the same price, the tone is very bright and the projection is pretty decent. Since it is a soprano size the tone is not really fun as compared to a bigger size but for kids it is perfect.

The size of this ukulele is ideal for kids. Kids can easily navigate the fretboard without any issues, however, if you are looking for adults with bigger hands then you may reaching the fretboard a little tricky.

Makala Soprano Ukulele on Amazon

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba is a premium ukulele brand and what’s more amazing than gifting your kid a premium ukulele to kickstart their musical journey? Cordoba 15CM concert ukulele is undoubtedly a very good affordable ukulele for kids.

The back, top, and sides of this ukulele are made up of mahogany wood which gives this ukulele an edge over other ukuleles that are made up of plastic. There is no complaint regarding the craftsmanship from my side, I didn’t find gaps or anything like that. This ukulele will easily last you many years because of the amazing solid build quality.

The projection is great thanks to the mahogany, the sound is bright and fuller than the soprano ukulele. I have tried this ukulele personally so I know the tone is really amazing and it produces a very bright sound with added bass and volume.

The size of this ukulele is a concert which is a few inches larger than the soprano one, however, it is often considered that the soprano is the ideal choice for kids and I do agree but the concert is an equally good size (some added inches doesn’t really matter especially when your kid is in the growing stage).

Cordoba 15CM on Amazon

Kmise Concert Ukulele KMU23C

Looking for a traditional, rigid, and good-sounding ukulele? well, look no further because here I am presenting you the Kmise concert ukulele that can serve you all your purposes.

Kmise concert ukulele is yet another amazing ukulele for kids that you can gift this Christmas. This lightweight ukulele is ideal for kids, the back and top of this ukulele are made up of mahogany wood which is the classical choice for ukuleles. One thing that I really like is they let the original wood shade intact without adding any extra spices, it really gives the ukulele a very raw and traditional feel.

The tone of this ukulele is very similar to what you expect from an expensive ukulele, thanks to its lightweight and mahogany wood. I really hate heavy ukuleles because it compromises the sound quality.

Since this is a concert ukulele the tone is very bright and fuller with excellent projection.

Kmise has used high-quality carbon strings and they claim that your ukulele will stay in tune better than ever.

Another amazing thing is that they are providing free ukulele lessons along with some accessories like a gigbag, tuner, and extra strings.

Kmise KMU23C on Amazon

Hricane Concert Ukulele 23 Inch

Hricane ukuleles are best a selling ukulele brand in the market and right now they are top selling ukulele brand on amazon as well.

Hricane concert ukulele has a very beautiful body and thanks to the satin finish that Hricane has given to this ukulele, it really makes the ukulele attractive and gives it a smooth touch.

The top, back, and sides of this ukulele are made up of laminated Sapele wood which is very similar to mahogany. In terms of tones and projection, it is as similar to any other good-quality mahogany ukulele. Sapele wood doesn’t make any difference in tone IMO.

I would say I really like the tone of this ukulele, it is very melodious, sweet, and fuller. You will slightly notice that this ukulele has more volume than the soprano ukulele.

This ukulele is very light in weight which really makes it easier to travel around. Also as I just said above, lightweight ukes provide a better tone.

For kids this ukulele is amazing, the size is also pretty good from a kid’s point of view, it is only 2 inches larger than the soprano size.

Hricane Concert Ukulele 23 Inch on Amazon

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

If you want to gift a traditional-style ukulele to your kid then have a look at the Luna Tattoo concert ukulele. It is a decent ukulele that is available at a very affordable price. Look wise this ukulele is very similar to the expensive traditional Hawaiian ukuleles that cost $2500. However, they have added their own tattoo touch to the body to make this uke stand out.

Build quality wise this ukulele is no doubt very strong and solid, the craftsmanship is also very neat and clean, I didn’t find any minor or major flaws.

The body of the ukulele is made of laminated mahogany, many people consider solid wood has a better tone than laminated wood but what I have observed is that both laminated and solid sounds somewhat similar.

The tone of this ukulele is very sweet, warm, and bassy. I personally have no complaints, it is no doubt one of the best-sounding ukuleles available at a very affordable price tag.

The design of this ukulele is very much inspired by traditional Hawaiian ukuleles but I do like the tattoo engraving they have done on the body. It really looks good, not gonna lie.

Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele on Amazon

Aklot AKC23 Concert Ukulele

On Amazon Aklot concert ukulele is the top-selling ukulele and has very decent reviews, I ordered this ukulele for a neighbor’s kid as a birthday present and I was shocked to see the quality of this ukulele.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this ukulele to be this good quality and sound-wise. Aklot is the hidden gem and if you are looking for the best ukulele for kids that last them years to come then definitely Aklot AKC23 is the one you should go for.

AKC23 is a pretty solid ukulele with excellent craftsmanship I tried my best to look for flaws and fortunately, I didn’t find any. This ukulele brand has really won my heart because I was having very low expectations.

The top and back of the ukulele are made up of solid mahogany which obviously results in a rich and warm tone.

The projection of this ukulele is pretty decent and the tone is very clear, rich, and full of volume. I ordered the concert size and that’s why it has slightly more volume than the soprano.

If you are looking for a future-proof ukulele for kid then definitely get this one, the sizing won’t be an issue it is only a few inches bigger than the soprano and I am sure your kid will love it.

Aklot concert ukulele on Amazon

Kala KA-P Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

Looking for a ukulele that stands out? well, the Kala KA-P Pineapple ukulele won’t disappoint you. Ukuleles do come in different types, and my personal favorite type of ukulele is Pineapple.

It resembles a pineapple shape and looks very stunning. This ukulele looks way different from normal types of Ukuleles because of the shape and I am damn sure for kids this ukulele will be the best. Since it is a pineapple-shaped ukulele it will be very easy for kids to carry along with them.

Kala has a very good reputation and you can not go any wrong with Kala’s ukuleles. The complete ukulele is very well crafted and has a satin finish.

The back, top, and sides are made up of solid mahogany and the strings are made up of Aquila Super Nylgut.

Kala ukuleles are known for best budget-quality ukuleles, and this one is definitely one of the best Kala budget-friendly ukuleles in pineapple shape. The projection of this ukulele is good and the tone is very warm, bright, and sweet, thanks to its solid mahogany top.

You do get basic accessories such as a hard case to keep your ukulele safe and protected, extra straps, a tuner, Austin Bazar instructional DVD, and a polishing cloth.

This ukulele is no doubt a perfect choice for kids, it is a complete package of uniqueness and the best sound production. Click on the below button to check the current price of this uke on Amazon.

Kala KA-P Pineapple Soprano on Amazon

What factors to consider before buying Ukulele for kids

There are some factors that you should keep in mind before buying a ukulele for kids. These are some important factors that I believe everyone should know otherwise you can end up buying a bad ukulele that you will regret later.


Before you start your ukulele shopping keep in mind that a good future-proof ukulele will easily cost you more than $50. Anything below that price is considered cheap and crap. So, don’t try to buy cheap stuff just to save extra bucks, you will regret it later.

If you ask me what is the best price range for a decent ukulele for kids, anything between $50 and $100 is good and usually, a good ukulele from a trusted brand will cost you more than $50. And the more you increase your budget the better quality of the ukulele you will get.

All the above ukuleles that I have listed are somewhere between this range only.


Ukuleles come in 4 sizes to be precise, the smaller one is soprano which is considered the ideal choice for kids and in fact, it is the most traditional size for the ukulele, concert is 2-3 inches bigger than the soprano (check soprano vs concert ukulele article to know more), the tenor is bigger than a concert, and baritone is bigger than the tenor, the baritone is usually as big as guitar.

However, I believe the best ukulele types for kids are Soprano and Concert. As your kid grows you can buy a tenor or even baritone ukulele.

If you are buying from an offline store then try different sizes and then decide what size feels comfortable on your kid’s hand. Also, as you grow up in the size you will notice a slight change in the volume, the bigger ukulele has more volume and sounds bassy whereas the smaller ukulele has a treble-focused sound.

Build Quality

There is no brainer that build quality matters a lot, always look for the best possible build-quality ukulele if you want to keep your ukulele for years to come.

Usually, cheap quality plastic ukuleles will not last even a year and they sound so trashy, they can discourage your kid. So, always look for a brand that has a solid build quality.

Not all plastic ukulele sounds bad, carbon fiber and ABS plastic ukuleles sound very good and in fact, they sound very similar to any ukulele that is made up of solid wood. You just need to do a little research before making your final call.


Before purchasing a ukulele for a kid, make sure that the ukulele sounds good. There are a lot of factors that affect the tone of the ukulele. The top factors that affect the tone are the types of material used to build the ukulele, the weight of the ukulele, size, and string quality.

Most of the time you should look for a ukulele that is made up of solid wood, also make sure that the ukulele is lightweight. Aquila nylon strings are considered to be the best string for ukes, so also look up that before buying.

Another important fact that determines the tone of the ukulele is size, as I said already the soprano ukulele has a treble-focused sound and mostly they sound very bright and warm. The soprano ukulele produces a very traditional ukulele sound.

As you go up in the size, you will notice that the volume of sound is increasing, however, that really doesn’t matter as long as you are buying a ukulele for kids. Soprano and Concert size ukuleles are the best choice for kids and both these sizes produce a very rich and warm sound.


According to what I believe, the design of a ukulele is not a very big deciding factor, there are of course some cool and eye catchy ukuleles with very unique designs available but you should never compromise quality over design.

However, there are very good ukuleles available that offer different colors and designs, so most of the ukuleles for kids that I have listed above comes in different colors and designs. You can check and decide which color of the ukulele suits your kid the best.

I do believe that a well-designed ukulele with good quality can do wonders, it can keep your kid stuck to that particular ukulele for a longer time.

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Last Words – The Best Ukulele for Kids

So, this article mainly focused on some of the best ukuleles for kids that are available in the market. I know selecting the best quality ukulele is kind of a difficult task in today’s world but don’t worry I have made the task easy for you.

All the ukuleles that I have listed above went through my deep research, in fact, some of the ukuleles are personally tested by me, so you can trust me on that.

The last thing I would like to conclude is that never compromise with the ukulele quality just to save a few bucks, it is not worth it believe me. Nowadays at just $50, you can get a very good ukulele for kids that can last many years. So, don’t go with cheap ukuleles that are available at just $20-30.

Selecting the best ukulele for kids is now very easy, just decide your budget and choose any of the ukuleles from the above list. If you are having any queries then do let us know I will try to help you out as soon as possible.

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